Saturday, September 27, 2008

About Me

I'm 37 years old and have lived in the United States all my life. I was 6 years old when the first Star Wars movie came out in the theaters in 1977. Unfortunately I did not actually see the first movie until many years later. I had the movie story book and the old read along book with the record to quell my interest in the movie as well as countless movie cards. I read the movie storybook over and over until I wore them out. I have been an artist all of my life and have drawn and painted since I can remember.
           I remember very little of the Star Wars Holiday Special but yes I did get to see this on tv when it broadcast. I think this helped to spark my interest in Star Wars as well. 
       The Empire Strikes Back is the first movie of Star Wars that I actually got to see in theaters. I can still remember being amazed by all the special effects and absolutely falling in love with one little amazing green creature. Yoda! This movie is probably my most favorite of all the Original Trilogy Star Wars movies! There was so much to like about it. The introduction of some new characters,bounty hunters and a revealing plot that was a cliff hanger! I remember it seemed like forever before Return of the Jedi ever came to theaters!
        The Return of the Jedi! This is another of my favorite movies! I loved the introduction of Jabba the Hutt! You must remember that before the remake of the Original Trilogy Jabba was only a footnote mentioned in Star Wars. I also liked the Rancor monster and the conclusion of this series! Return of the Jedi will be a favorite movie for all time for me.
         The Original Trilogy is my favorite of the Star Wars movies but I do like the new movies. Phantom Menace has a special place for me but it is my least favorite!
         I was really excited when the Phantom Menace came out. It was not as exciting now looking back on it. I took my little brother David to see it. My Son was much too young to at the time this came out.
         When Attack of the Clones came out I took my Son and Wife to see it. I think we all really liked this movie. My wife liked Yoda and also Anakin. I was really impressed with Yoda myself and the computer version was much better of him than in Phantom Menace. 
          We also went and saw The Revenge of the Sith when it came out in theaters as well. We all liked this movie as well. 
           Now at the present time 2008 my family went and saw The Clone Wars. I know this movie got a lot of bad ratings but I really loved it for what it was. My son liked it a lot. The music was a little different than what I expected and no opening crawl but still overall a very great action movie. Especially since it was a movie that was originally never meant to be a movie. 
              My latest favorite thing released is the Star Wars game The Force Unleashed. I collect action figures and have all of the ones for the game. I really enjoyed playing this game on the Wii. It is a lot of fun. I have heard rumors that they may turn this into a movie. I hope so because the story is great and a lot of twist and turns in the plot!

               Star Wars and Tv. The Clone Wars will soon be released on Oct. 3rd on the Cartoon Network! I'm getting ready to Tivo some of those episodes. I missed the original cartoon series that aired before Revenge of the Sith Came out.  I'm really excited to get a weekly dose of Star Wars.

                If you'd like to see more of my Star Wars fan art go to Yahoo World of Star Wars or you can check out my Freewebs website or also my Deviant Art account. I think I have posted over 400 pictures of my artwork on the Yahoo site and I have a lot of work on the Deviant and Freewebs pages as well.

                I work mainly in digital now. I do like to draw with pen and pencil and paint sometimes. I use Acrylic mainly when I paint. I tend to work fast and hate to wait for the paint to dry. 
                I am not a professional artist. Art is my hobby. I went two years of college majoring in art and have an AA in Art. I knew then while I was in college that I didn't want to make art my living but my love. I like to draw for myself mainly and I don't do too well when asked to draw something for someone. It seems that my work comes more easily when I'm doing it for fun and not as a job. That doesn't mean I want draw for others it just means that it is more difficult for me to make someone else a drawing/painting. I tend to often think that I'm my own worst critic and that what I see as aweful work often others see as great. I tend to be too critical and dissatisfied with myself and I'm always striving to become better. 

                 If you see something you've liked that I've done drop me a line at let me know what you think. I always love to hear what others think of my work. You can always find me at the World of Star Wars also. Thanks again for looking at my blog!


Sunday, September 21, 2008

TK-421 Why aren't you at your post?

This is my first post for my Star Wars blog. I will try to update this from time to time and include my favorite links to other Star Wars sites as well as

my other art sites.

Most of my Artwork is done digitally using a wacom tablet/pen and my laptop along with Corel Painter Essential2 program. I do use photoshop sometimes to enhance effects and textures in my digital artwork.

I also like to draw sometimes with pencil or pen and I prefer to paint with acrylic paints. Oils are not something I prefer to use as I seem to always be in a hurry with my artwork.

The Darth Maul painting is Acrylic on canvas. This one I painted for my son as a Christmas present last year!

I have probably posted about 400 drawings/photos on my Star Wars Yahoo site and also have a lot of Star Wars related pictures on my Deviant Art Account as well as a FreeWebs website.

If you would like to see more of my artwork go to my Freewebs website or my Deviant Art site.!

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